Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fools rush in

I keep running into doctors who used to want to do psychiatry for the same reasons I do, and didn't go into it in the end because it was too draining emotionally.

These same people keep trying to talk me into following radiology.

I enjoy imaging, don't get me wrong. There is something really nice about looking at a picture and understanding what is in front of you, and being able to label the anatomy with certainty, understand the physics and the likelihood of the pathology.

I'm just confused. Fortunately I have an elective scheduled where I do four weeks of each, one after the other. This will help me make up my mind.

God knows, maybe I'll end up in a completely different field. This would also be okay. :)

I'm starting to think that I really should take my time getting into something and pay attention to the old proverb of "Fools rush in".


Milk and Two Sugars said...

As to the naysayers: bugger them.

You will make your own decisions. But the fact that these people found the program too difficult to hack is their problem, not yours. You have to do what inspires you. By the end of this year you should be completely confident in your choice, and then I hope you'll gently remind them that it isn't polite to criticise someone's dreams.

Good luck :)

The Girl said...

Thanks. :)