Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Public Blog Redux

Hooray, the blog is public again, and hooray, I got to use the word redux in a title! (I'm slightly addicted to it after reading it all the time in the excellent Life In The Fast Lane.)

I have decided to make my blog public again, as I have kept to myself where I needed to over the past year.

Honestly, there is nothing on here that I wouldn't tell anybody anyway, so I'm not worried about somebody reading it and working out it is me. I may deny it when asked socially, depending on who does the asking.

Even when private, I don't say anything about patients or bitch about colleagues or particular hospitals or systems. I just consider this to be normal polite behaviour.

I have just come to miss the contact of being more open and public with the blogging community. I thought about (and briefly started) another blog under a different name, but it seemed better to just re-open this one and make the blog posts I wanted to make and post them here instead.

Thanks to those of you who stuck with me and logged in over this period. I appreciated your ongoing support and comments.

Now you get to read and comment without the rigmarole of logging in. ;)


Mike Cadogan said...

Great to see you back...

Kelly said...

I'd missed your blogs. Busy catching up now!

Kelly (I'm UK doc and sometimes comment on M&2S blog)