Wednesday, May 16, 2007

8 Random Things

Thanks to Milk & Two Sugars for tagging me with this meme. I have been a little slack lately with blogging (and definitely with a dearth of quality posts, sorry!), so I felt it would do me good to reply to this one. I shall try to make them a LITTLE interesting.

Here goes:
1) I don't prefer beer or wine. As long as it is good quality and goes with whatever I am eating at the time, I am happy.

2) I have always had trouble getting to sleep, even when I was a baby. Medicine is curing this. (Studying medicine, not taking them!) Hooray!

3) I have seen a counsellor before, and thoroughly recommend going to see one if anybody feels like they need somebody to talk to. It is surprising how upset you can be without really knowing.

4) I hate clowns. I just hate them. I would rather cuddle a crocodile. Seriously. Ugh. There should be a law against them.

5) I have seen both Elton John, Bono and James Morrison (the jazz musician) in person. They are all surprisingly short.

6) I have terrible taste in clothing, but secretly long to have any kind of fashion sense. Unfortunately, I'm just too cheap.

7) I love marzipan. (Wow, these are just getting more and more profound! Aren't you glad you are reading this? Seriously, go and read something that improves your brain and your life instead. ;) )

8) I love gadgets. I love new, shiny technology. New, expensive toys at work make my life worthwhile.

And a ninth one, just for extra value and to make up for number 7:

9) I am obsessive about details. I am flexible, but like to do things a similar way every time, in set sequence, and make sure it is all done, thoroughly, and in meticulous detail. I care about my work.

There you go. I'm not going to tag anybody. I have been reading textbooks and need to go to bed. If any textbook authors read this, I tag you. Why not? You never know.

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