Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sleepy Time

Studying the metabolism of alcohol just makes me want to go and crack open a nice crisp cold beer that is sitting in the fridge.

Sadly, I probably should stay away from the alcohol from now until my looming exam. I don't need any more excuse to all asleep on the couch instead of ploughing through past papers and textbooks.

Does it scary anybody else how quickly knowledge seems to seep out of your brain, even when you have actually studied the material a few months ago? This is really quite annoying.

On the bright side, if I have studied the information before and understand it, I can either work it out myself or it doesn't take too long to re-learn.

I occasionally hear reports about it being more difficult to learn new information the older that you get. This scares me a little, because not only am I not exactly an infant any more, but I am going to be studying as a registrar in my mid to late thirties. It is entirely possible that I won't quite be a consultant until I am 40.

I have known some wonderful registrars in that age group who did excellent work, so I shall choose to ignore the anecdotes and just get on with the work!

My brain is so sleepy right now.

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