Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fat Doctor, you have made my day!!

Welcome back!

I was feeling a little bowled over by everything in life at the moment, but I read on creatingthegodcomplex that Fat Doctor has returned.

I'm so happy.

The only things that would make life better would be if I blinked and lost 10kg by magic, and then somebody backed a truck up to my house and dumped all of the best medical textbooks in the world on my doorstep. Oh, and I got a certificate from the university that said I have automatically passed all of my exams for the next three and a half years because the same magic process that took away the 10kg also implanted the knowledge and expertise of a fully-fledged doctor in my brain.

But now I'm just being ridiculous.


Michelle said...

I too am excited by Fat Doctor's return. :D

And I wonder, if a magical fairy came to me and asked me to choose: the ability to magically lose 10kg whenever I want, or endless medical knowledge... which would I choose? (:

- Michelle, a previously unannounced reader of your blog

The Girl said...

Thanks for the comment, michelle.

If a magical fairy does come to you, ask if he or she could see fit to give you BOTH! After all, it would be giving the magical fairy community a bad wrap to be stingy. :)