Monday, June 4, 2007

100 Posts!

Can you believe it? This is my hundredth post. I'm not going to go on and do a big list of things, as I have only been keeping this blog since December last year (although it feels like more than 6 months have passed since then!).

I can hardly believe that I am half-way through my first year of medicine. It seemed like such a dream six months ago. Things have changed a LOT in the past six months!

The other day I was looking through the photos on my mobile phone and I found one of me from May 2005! I had no idea that I had owned the phone for anywhere near that long. At that point I had not yet decided to study for the GAMSAT, and was working full-time. I had brought a few novels along on a weekend trip and was busy trying to work out what I wanted to do with my life. Looking at myself back then, I know how much happier I am right now, in spite of being just before a massive exam.

It is funny how your whole life can change in such a short space of time, in ways that you could never even imagine. I am very lucky in that my life has changed for the better. Sure, there have been sacrifices, but nothing that I have really missed.

In the same space of time, I have become an aunt, my best friend has had her baby, other friends have gotten married and my brother has also had a complete career change. I now only have one grandparent left, my father was very ill last year, and I went through hell-on-earth at work and came out the other end stronger but scarred.

Well, that is my little tale for now. I am actually very stressed at the moment, although you would have to live with me to see it. I'm acting normally around other people, but I am not cooking or doing things that I don't absolutely have to. Next exam period I am going to try to keep a better balance in my life. I'll try to exercise and not eat all of the junk that comes my way. Ironically, my diet has really gotten a lot worse since I started medical school. Over the holidays this is going to change!

One last note: medstudentgod wrote about Que Sarah, Sarah and her battle with melanoma on his blog a little while ago. She is still with us for now, but if any of you pray/send positive thoughts her way, it can't hurt.

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