Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dreams of fish

I have never had recurring themes in my dreams before I started studying medicine.

Now I dream about fish all of the time. There are always multiple tanks that I have somehow inherited from somebody. There are many kinds of exotic fish in all of these tanks, and invariably there is at least one tank in trouble that I have to help in a hurry.

Last night it was a tank of dumped goldfish who were so overcrowded that the top ones weren't even covered in water. I tried to contact my parents who have a massive pond in their front yard, to see if they wanted any. By the time they arrived, all of the fish had somehow turned into second-hand novels. (I don't know - it's a dream!!)

I'm always running around managing things in the dreams. Somehow in a lot of them I will end up swimming in a fishtank or two.

I wouldn't say that they are nightmares. I'm never afraid, just stressed. The fish never attack me. I just have to manage and help them.

Stress does odd things to my brain.


adrian said...

yes very odd, but funny, too. Fish dreams are supposed to symbolise sperm if they're little fish, and children if they're medium sized fish. A fishing rod is supposed to symbolise...well, you figure it out!
Otherwise it's supposed to be a good omen (unless the fish is carp), so yay for the fishies!

The Girl said...

OMG, keep the sperm and children away, I still have another million years of study to go! :D

Right now I can do with all of the good omens I can get. As long as I don't have spiders above my doorway, birds pooping on me or any of the awful good omens that people are supposed to believe in. Ugh.

adrian said...

I don't think it's good luck to have animals pooping on you. Good luck? I don't think so. A little Irish leprachaun bringing you a pint of Guinness and a four-leaf clover? Now that's some good luck I could drink to!

Kudos to the million years.