Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh, the shame . . .

Well, I have sunk to a new low, everybody. I have to admit it publicly, so I can grow, and move forwards.

My name is the Girl, I have a blue stethoscope, and I am a medical school addict.

We go back to university soon, and I am actually looking forward to beginning to study the new topics. I am getting very excited that I am more than half-way through first-year, particularly as I really enjoy practical work much more than theoretical. (I like theory but I can only get really into it when I see it applied in real-life. Then it all makes sense!)

I have all these plans in my head about how this semester will be more organised than last, about how I am going to summarise and shorten rather than get bogged down in masses of detail and feel lost. Somehow I know that it won't quite work out that simply, but I like to dream that it just might!

I miss the campus, I miss the coffee, and I miss the people. Most of all, I miss the hours. I know that you work pretty hard studying at uni, but compared to full-time work, it just isn't the same. I like getting home at midday, knowing that I have the rest of the afternoon off to study. I miss being able to sleep in during the week.

I miss being able to sleep in instead of going to a lecture, knowing that I can just wake up later and read through the notes myself. I miss being able to go to the shops during the day. Good grief, I have completely morphed back into a uni student!

Not long, now.


MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Ironically that's the same mentality that I had several times this last year during clinics. Essentially I complain about how hard the first couple years were, but in all aspects compared with 3rd year it was a vacation.

I really miss not having to get up and go to lectures that suck. I miss being able to have a study schedule that doesn't begin at 6pm or later. But that's what advancement is for.

The Girl said...

I keep hearing from people at my uni in third and fourth year how much better it is than first and second year - I think that our system is a little different to yours in the US. Either that, or they are keeping up our hope!

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

I believe that years 3 and 4 are considered better (at least here) because of the "connection" you make with what you've read and what you see/ treat. But you have to be at places for certain periods of time - 5am to 6pm. You can't leave. You can try to study, but you're always worried about missing something, a patient being added that you're not apprised of and will make you look lazy in evening rounds, etc.

That's why the first couple are vacation years. Not that much stress involved besides tests (which you have to take in year 3 and are just as hard).