Saturday, September 8, 2007


At the start of the week I had all of these profound thoughts and comments to post but alas, Blogger took forever to load so I let both the deep and meaningful thoughts and the potential for posting them fly away in to the dark, breezy depths of my mind. (I'm not sure if it was blogger or my ISP. At the moment, I don't really care.)

Right now I am in the grip of a cold and my brain is on hiatus, so any thoughts I share would be at the level of a person who asks the same person the same question several times in the one day, albeit in slightly different forms. Not good.

I set the digital set-top box to record my favourite show, went back to watch it the next day, and found that I had programmed the wrong channel. Sometimes my brain frightens me.

I am really not on the ball, and we are also studying quite a difficult topic which I have half the energy to study, but need double the usual time. I would work out how I am supposed to study but my brain won't let me.

Now I have been thinking too much, and need a nap.


The Shrink said...

Hope you're better soon.

My set top box can't record anything. My wife bought it a few years ago when she couldn't wait to see Smallville and needed to watch E4 so dashed to Asda with £20 and came back with one.

Last week the channels changed and it's muddled me big time. E4 was channel 14, now it's channel 29, can't see nay rhyme or reason why.

I don't have excuses of having a cold . . .

The Girl said...

That's a bit annoying! At least over here were only have a few free-to-air tv stations - 6 or 7 in most locations.