Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm excited!

Can you guess why?

I realised that I am almost 1/4 through medical school and becoming a doctor. Hooray! As an added and extra bonus (which makes me resemble the kitty in the picture) I am nearly half-way through completing PBHell in its current format.

For me this is a lot. Medical school has been tough at times, but as long as something is interesting and worthwhile I don't ever mind working hard at it. To be honest, while it has involved a fair amount of work, it is definitely a goal I can attain.

It also means that I am almost a second year medical student. While not much, I won't be as embarassed any more when I don't have to call myself a "first year" any more. It is very exciting. I would imagine that the next time I feel like this will be when I am approaching the end of my intern year. But right now, that feels like a million miles away.

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The Shrink said...

Glad life's upbeat in your corner!

Although medical school has it's moments it's is worth getting the most out of it and enjoying it since the years after that are similar (still earning, still training, still working with clinical teams, still having exams). May as well get your head in to the right place where you're embracing this or you'll burn out.

So, glad you're cheery about it all :-)