Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good-bye, September

September is at an end, and the weather is getting very warm. Exams are getting close, and I get to work out a way to study while dripping sweat. I hate being hot. :(

I went to the air-conditioned gym today and did an RPM class (on exercise bikes to music) and even though I was sweating and working hard, I actually felt cooler than when I was sitting at home studying in the heat.

Also, what is it about exams being close that makes me want to cook, even though it is very warm in the kitchen? Anyway, please excuse the post quality. The other thing about being hot is that I get quite vague and have difficulty concentrating.

Northern Hemisphere residents, right now I am jealous.


The Shrink said...

Blue skies and sunshine today, but too chilly in the UK to wear just a light top this weekend.

Still, with a jacket too it's still pleasant enough in the park this Sunday.

Nothing to do with Indian Summers, it's now getting decidedly Autumnal.

The Girl said...

Sounds lovely.

Liz said...

omg, i've been dying all winter for weather like this!!! quit your whining! ;) No, but seriously, i wish it could be how it was Sunday and Monday all year round. Not any hotter, not any cooler. That would be perfect!!! The only problem is that we have to study and can't spend the whole day at the beach!!! Boo.