Monday, July 27, 2009


Being on holidays is a bit strange, particularly as I have been so busy for the past eight weeks. I have already had the house sprayed for ants, done the weekly shop (and new handbag purchase), and accrued enough fiction to last the week, if I can stop falling asleep long enough to read it. (I can sleep anywhere, any time - it is a skill. ;) )

Mr TGWTBS has gone away for work, so I don't have anybody around to bother except the cats, and they have a low tolerance for unwanted attention. I have already given two of them new collars, so I think I have pushed them enough for the week. I just don't like the thought of being away and having them not have collars on, even though they are all microchipped.

There was a good documentary on Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" on the ABC last night, and it reminded me that this is one book that I have always meant to read, but never did. I started it this afternoon, and it is interesting so far - his style of writing is different to what I am used to. I also have some lighter reading coming from the USA courtesy of Amazon that should be good for the trip. (The average paperback here is around $25 - $28, so it is a lot cheaper to have it shipped in, if you can wait.)

I found out today that the third season of Dexter comes out on DVD while I am away on rural rotation. This is very exciting for me, and means that I have to re-watch the two previous series before the next one comes out.

We also got our schedule for the rural orientation week today. It looks interesting, but to be honest, apart from the social aspects (which I generally enjoy if they are presented in an interesting manner - i.e. not too much statistical analysis!) it seems to mainly be things that I have gone over before this year. This would include things such as suturing, cannulation, skin lesions, musculoskeletal (hatehatehate), and resuscitation, but it is always good to revise, I guess, particularly as I am far from being as good as I could be.

There is also a lectures called "Creepy Crawlies," which I am VERY excited about. As long as there is one drop bear slide, I'll be happy. :) Also, Zoonotic Diseases could be fun. I used to play "spot the random and unexpected hydatid cyst" in my former life as a radiographer, and they are good ones to point out to students.

Plastering will also be fun, and we will get PDAs for the rotation. I'll have to bring my camera along for quite a few of the sessions, I think.

They have sent us the information about our accomodation for the week, and we are scheduled to stay in a holiday village (i.e. the caravan park) and share bedrooms with other students. I think I'll be sneaking out and staying with Mr TGWTBS in his hotel at the end of the day, although some socialising beforehand would be a lot of fun. :)

I'm really starting to look forward to this rotation. It feels like it is going to be an adventure.

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