Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Medicine Exam: One sleep to go!

Studying for a stressful exam while you are home alone somehow makes it more stressful.

My husband has flown off to a more northern city for the night to do some work, and, although I slept okay, I don't have anybody to distract me in the evenings or to practise fundoscopy or reflexes on. (Yes, I bought an opthalmoscope - the smaller, portable one that didn't break the bank but still does a good job, and I won't have any trouble off-loading it when I upgrade or don't need another one. I want to learn how to do this fast enough so that I don't torture the examinee.)

I would use the cats, but I don't think the tendon hammer would make a good toy - imagine walking into an exam with a hammer that looked as if you had been chewing on it for the week prior to the exam! :P

I have been keeping sane by putting the Harry Potter movies on in the background (we are going to see the latest movie in the evening after my exam) while I study, so that I am a little distracted.


Milk and Two Sugars said...

Studying without the person who makes you calm down and stop stressing so much is hard! It sounds though like you've had a good kind of rotation to set you up for the exam, which is lovely.

The Girl said...

Thanks! Fingers crossed for today. I hardly slept last night, so we'll have to see how it goes.