Friday, July 24, 2009

Rural rotation: planning the switch

Now that my medicine rotation exams are over, it has begun to sink in that I am going away on rural, and that Mr TGWTBS is going to spend a lot of that away as well, so I can't plan any flights home to visit.

This requires extra organisation (apart from one lovely send-off dinner which is in the oven right now) as we have three furry bundles of responsibility to look after. Thankfully we go away every year or so, and thus we know the local pet-sitting company who can arrange somebody to swing by, pick up the mail, check the house and feed the cats. I'll miss them, too, and I can't imagine how hard it must for the parents in our course, or those who are the carer to sick family members.

Eight weeks is a long time to be away from your home base, no matter what your living situation. I am totally used to cooking and cleaning (um, sometimes) in my own home, with my better half. Mr TGWTBS is used to my style of living* and we are comfortable.

I can remember living in share-houses (nearly ten years ago - my God!) before we moved in together, and while most people I lived with were good, I have shared house with some absolute special individuals. While I don't think that any of the medical students who will be staying with me are going to try to sell me their shoes or wedding dress ("You like? You buy!?" makes for awkward breakfast conversations), or turn into passive-aggressive monsters who ask me to disinfect the shower everytime I use it and don't even pass on the news of funerals, it will be strange and different to talk with other people about how we are going to organise things for the next little while.

If I am lucky, we will just abandon all pretense of responsible task designation and just wash up every now and again and make sure that the bathrooms aren't going to become biohazard zones, and all will be fine and relaxed. Fingers crossed for sharing with laid-back housemates who are happy to share a bottle of wine and a good meal every now and again. Oh, and if just one of the three of them likes the occasional scary movie or episode of Dexter, I'll be happy. :)

* Translated = I am a big slob who suffers from domestic blindness


Dragonfly said...

Share housing. Yay.... After 9 years of living with too many people I have had a place pretty much to myself this year and am feeling a bit apprehensive about possibly having to move in with one or two next year when living in a higher rent city. Hope it goes well

The Girl said...

Good luck with the move! At least when you are working full-time, you won't be at home as much as you were when you were a student. :)