Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Girl and The Very Empty Weekend

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a blue stethoscope, and nearly 3/4 of a medical degree. She had a nice house in the suburbs, a handsome husband and three loyal and talented cats.

Then one day, she was sent far, far away by the Big, Bad School of Medicine. With her on this adventure were three other brave souls who had been plucked from their homes and plopped into the same dusty, smelly land as The Girl. They pottered along until, two weeks in, they suddenly arrived at A Very Empty Weekend.

One of The Girl's companions found herself a Magic Ticket that took her home, saving her from this wasteland and the weekend.

The two boys went off on An Adventure into the town, to see what local jewels they could discover in the dusty night time air (in a bar somewhere), and how much the local Magic Water cost.

The Girl found herself all alone, in an empty flat. She thought that she could fill the day with pottering and cleaning. However, with only herself to clean up after, and living in such a little place, there really wasn't that much to do.

So she went off on a Shopping Adventure, in which she discovered the final series of Battlestar Galactica was out on DVD. This, combined with two bottles of  Corona that had been left by friendly fairies who had been stranded prior to The Girl's visit made for a long afternoon and entertaining evening. Hopefully, wishing away the soapy aftertaste of the Corona did not use up any of her Magic Wishes. 

Thus, half of The Very Empty Weekend was filled with things that could have taken valuable time at home normally. The next challenge was filling the second half of The Very Empty Weekend. 

Should she wander off to The Emergency Department of Mystery? Or should she stay at home and attempt to explore the wonders of the Giant Pile of Books? 
One thing was for sure - there would be no adventures to the local Shopping Hole - it was firmly closed on Sundays. 


Sara said...

I heart battlestar galactica. But don't tell me any spoilers.

The Girl said...

They are ALL cylons, and then Adama wakes up and it was all a dream, and he is really an English police officer with an overactive imagination. (I love the new Law & Order UK.) :P
No chance. I'm not that mean.