Monday, August 31, 2009

Post-weekend debrief - start of week 5

I went home for the weekend via the regional train. It was lovely to be home for a few nights, but ended up being quite bittersweet (an excellent word suggested by someone more literate than myself).

Not being around my family and husband has been quite difficult for me. I'm so used to having him next to me, living our lives side-by-side, not always doing the same thing, but always in proximity.

The cats were VERY cute. Mr TGWTBS has been coming and going for work quite a lot recently, and so the cats have learned what it means when somebody is packing a suitcase at night.

They were very excited when I came home, but were upset when I was packing to leave. My big boy cat who is quite reserved was all over me, headbutting me, climbing all over the luggage, and sitting on me whenever he could. He is a darling, and he clearly misses having me around.

Coming back was very hard to do. I was at home, enjoying the space, company and comforts. Now I am back here in my little flat right next to the train line. There is not much novelty any more, so it has lost that sense of suspense.

God, I miss my kitchen.

We are also not a part of a specific team here, like we were on the last rotation, and this makes it harder to get keen and involved. It is as if we are floating between different areas, having a quick look and then moving on.

They are friendly, but it is hard for them to get to know us, and for us to know them. We are just another group of students moving through, to whom they can pass handy bits of information when they think of them, but who will be gone again before they can blink.

I'm not so worried about this any more. In my last rotation, I put a lot of value on my practical marks, and what my supervisors thought of me. Now I am happy passing, as I realise just how subjective practical marks are, and how little they matter in the long run.

It is a long trip back, but I have been sorely tempted to try to do it again this weekend. Unfortunately both money and time are against me. Oh well. This isn't for much longer - I'm more than half-way through.


Sara said...

I gotta do my book list like yours - it's so much more readable.

Are you going back to the other blog? I want to link to you but there's not much point to linking to a private blog.

The Girl said...

I'm probably not going back to the non-private one, for a little while at least. I was getting worried about certain people reading the other one, and although this was probably not going to be a problem, it stopped me from blogging as much.

Feel free to link to the old one, if you want - perhaps I should put the occasional public post up. :)

Dragonfly said...

It is so nice being in your own space, with all those luxuries, like an oven that works, and a teapot. The 2nd to last away placement for GP that I did was so spartan that it was ridiculous and taking my car wasn't an option. When I went off for GP in May, I took my car and packed EVERYTHING, cheese grater, George foreman grill, etc. Their oven didn't work either so it was just as well.
Hope this week goes well for you.
The quick look thing can be good but the superficiality of it can get old fast.