Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two new things

I learned two new things about myself today, both of which were positive.

The first is that I can ride backwards in an ambulance without getting car sick. This was quite a surprise.

The second is that there is a level of messy that will make even a consummate slob like myself actually want to get in with a wheelbarrow and a wheelie bin and clean up a room. Yes, I felt the urge to clean.

Some houses are pretty much boxes of wood filled with piles of kindling, waiting to turn into a life-stealing blaze. It was hard to see the way that some people live. You don't need money or a lot of possessions to keep a house clean. You don't even need a lot of mobility. 

What you need is to be well enough, both physically and mentally, to move around and put things away. You need to be able to decide that things need tidying, and be capable of deciding where these things will go.

It is terrible that some people obviously need help that they aren't getting. 

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