Monday, August 17, 2009

Medical Quotes 2

"You work in a hospital. Are you a nurse?"

My personal favourite:

"You are studying medicine. Are you going to be a nurse?"

Why don't they just say:

"You have ovaries/breasts/two X chromosomes. You MUST be a nurse!"

Clearly these are questions asked by people who have not met the awesomely kick-arse male nurses who roam the wards. 
Actually, I'm sure they have met them. They just mistook them for doctors. (Or bouncers.)


Dragonfly said...

Oooooh so true. I know someone who was working as a registrar with a mature aged male intern, she being a 20 something reg. And everyone thought he was her boss and she was the intern or nurse. Every time.
It happens elsewhere as well, I have a friend who could be a model, but is a pilot. When she says she works for an airline, everyone always asks her how being a hostie is....

Sara said...

I hate that. Every time someone yells at me NURSE when I pass, I just ignore it. Why should I think they're talking to me just because I'm a woman. A male doctor wouldn't answer.

The Girl said...

To be honest, if somebody calls out "Sister!" or "Nurse!" at me when I'm walking past, I tend to respond. Often they are elderly or sick, and have no idea what to call you, and they want help.
I can understand why you wouldn't answer - I never used to, either.
Part of me just doesn't care any more. Maybe a day will come when I don't care if they think I'm a nurse after explaining that I'm their doctor, either. :)
Then again, if I was massively busy and they wanted the nurse who was looking after them, I would call the nurse for them and move on. ;)