Thursday, August 20, 2009


I get to spend this evening in emergency. I can't wait. 

Emergency work was always my favourite part of my previous job. I'm looking forward to spending the evening in the hospital. I figure it will either be quiet (on a Thursday night) or busier than expected, depending on what is happening locally.

I really like working up the patients from scratch, taking the history, doing the examination, thinking about what tests I would want and the management plan, and then presenting this to the doctor, and seeing what the results say, all in a short space of time. It is a lot of thinking, but it is fascinating and a challenge.

We don't get to spend much time in emergency in our course, so I'm enjoying it while I have the chance. :)


Dragonfly said...

I LOVE ED. I think it is one of the most generally high yield placements I have had as a student (and have done more than one). When I am in ED with my registrar when on call at the moment as well, the ED docs tend to tell me to come and make myself useful if there is a category 1 as well, which is awesome. I am kind of hoping to start intern year with ED, though it might be different at a bigger hospital.
The downside though is that when it is not busy, there tends to be a lot of junk food eaten. The 3am grilled cheese sandwiches seemed to be quite the institution.

The Girl said...

My favourite 3am food in ED was the massive curry cookoffs they would occasionally have - everybody would bring in a curry from home, heat it up in the middle of the work area, and all share. Awesome times. :)

I love being in ED, too, but probably not as an ED doctor. I like being able to take my time and write detailed notes, and get follow-up on things. Still, a little time in ED is awesome. :D