Sunday, September 6, 2009

On the bright side

I feel like I should add this after the last post.

I have gotten to read some awesome books.
I have gotten back in touch with some things that are important to me, and had some time to think.
I have realised how much the people I live with and love are important to me. (Cats are people, too.)
I have seen just how much the cats miss me when I come home - you know that you are missed when even the antisocial scaredy-cat comes crying to you when you get home. Or when they realise that you are leaving again, the the antisocial cat hides and the others pile themselves on your baggage/clothing/self nonstop.
I now know how nice I have it at home.
Two bathrooms between two people is a luxury. A wonderful, indispensable luxury.
As is having a bath.
And having a decent television, and a digital set-top box.
I have landed with three really nice flatmates who have made this journey a lot more bearable.
The hospital staff are nice.
Not being in traffic for two months has completely and utterly spoiled me.
We have air-conditioning here. I wonder if they would miss it . . . . (Kidding!)
I have saved money on fuel and morning coffees. (There is no cafe/coffee cart at the hospital.)
I have realised how happy I am to just be myself.

The end. :)

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