Monday, September 14, 2009

Rural rotation week 7

I'm back for my final week in the rural town - the week after this one will be a common week where all of the students on rotation return to a common rural town and "debrief" for a week, which ends with an exam.

This week I have to finish the assignment for this rotation and prepare a case presentation. I have the information on the case, and so now the main task at hand is to do the assignment.

I'm looking at this week the same way I would look at a race - goals for each step of the way (daily assignment goals), rewards for finishing goals on-time (BEER! and movies) and a plan with enough free days at the end that if I go a day or two over, the world won't end.

If I can fill my days with this it will all be fine. :)

In food-related news, I also splurged and bought myself a proper knife! It is a Furi East West 13cm knife with a silicon handle. When I was at home on the weekend, I realised just how nice it is (and how much safer) to have a decent blade, so I spoiled myself and went to the local gourmet store and picked one up.

Normally I would have brought one of my own back with me, but I was only bringing carry-on luggage and I thought the people at the airport would get excited if I tried to smuggle a massive knife on board, no matter how honest or reputable I look.

I also picked up half a pumpkin (Queensland blue - very tough) and a sweet potato, and will be roasting some veggies tonight to go with dinner. You can't buy a new knife without testing it out properly. ;)

Back on the topic of airports, I got tested again for bomb residue before the flight back home. I have a theory that they pick people who look them in the eye and won't care about being scanned. Either that, or it is proven that terrorists look nonchalant and relaxed, too. :P I don't really care, and find the whole thing pretty funny.

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