Monday, September 14, 2009

Random career thoughts 2

I am starting to think that it would be a good idea to take my time getting into a training program.

In Australia, we do a common intern year, then most people do a residency year and normally you slot into a training program after that as a registrar. Some people take more time than that to get into the program that they want to get into, as some of them are highly competitive.

Some people change programs after a couple of years of training in one, and start again in another.

I had planned on trying to get into psychiatry ASAP, but part of me really wonders at the wisdom of this.

I am still not 100% sure that this is the direction that I want to go in. I enjoy clinical medicine, too, so I don't know that I want to leave it as much as I would be if I went into psych.

I'm starting to think that it might be a better idea to just see what happens as I go and take my time making my decision. I have gone slowly in every other decision in life, so why should this be any different?


Dragonfly said...

I think the same thing, though I have much less idea what I want to do.

Milk and Two Sugars said...