Thursday, September 3, 2009


Life is going well. Things are interesting.

I'm trying to get back into eating well and exercising, and am mostly succeeding. I need to eat more veggies - I feel so good when I do.

It is quite funny - the more I see of other specialties, the more I just feel like psych is the right way to go, even when I enjoy the day in the other specialty.

There are some interesting things happening with intern and resident numbers in Australia right now. Many hospital offer more places for interns than they do residents (aka PGY 1 and PGY 2), meaning that some residents will need to find other jobs at different hospitals, or become unemployed.

It is a scary situation. Fortunately there are still small places that employ more residents than interns.

This is a random post because I have had an exhausting day. Good, but exhausting. I enjoy surgery, but it really isn't for me.

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