Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Most offensive church sign ever . . . almost

I'm not going to criticise Christianity, just the stupid signs that get put up on their message boards by well-meaning people. There is one that has been put up recently in my local area that I happen to find particularly offensive:
"We're too blessed
To be depressed."
Lucky you. How unfortunate for those of your congregation who are probably being treated for clinical depression and are quite sensitive about the matter. 
I guess they will probably be less likely to be brave enough to reveal their diagnoses and personal struggles to you now that they know that they aren't blessed enough to escape their own personal pain.
I wish people would think more often before they opened their mouths. 

Medical school is like . . .

. . . waxing regularly. Sometimes you get to go to great places and meet wonderful people, but it still hurts like hell and feels like it takes FAR too long. Often the same things go wrong over and over and over again. Sometimes the pain isn't always the bad kind . . . (kidding!).
But seriously, I am having fun getting back into writing blog entries, so I thought I would try with a little free association.
You know you are in medical school when you spend nearly an hour researching your weekly PBL learning objective on the PBL room computer, and then find that it won't save, print, e-mail, cut or paste your work in ANY way, shape or form, resulting in the loss of all of your work. 
You know you have been in medical school for more than a year and a half when this does not particularly surprise you and leaves you only mildly annoyed, as opposed to the raging ball of Type-A fury that you would have been had this happened two years ago.
Groundhog Day!
You know you are in medical school when you have reverted to learning from textbooks because the databases provided by the university are too difficult or competitive to access, or just too unstable. The textbooks are in the corner of your room, won't drop out when you go out to get a coffee, and provide handy elbow rests or pillows when not in use.
You know you are in medical school when you can think of at least five other examples of similar things happening to you.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh, hello!

Hello again! If anybody is still reading this blog, I must apologise for my recent absence. There just doesn't seem to be a lot to blog about any more, or perhaps the things that I ponder these days wouldn't suit this site. 

I am going to be writing more as of now. However, I have to rug up and get warm and turn on another fifty heaters. I'll be back soon!