Saturday, June 27, 2009

It is time

I think that the time has most probably come for me to stop posting in this blog. For a while now, I just haven't really had the energy or seen the point of writing. 
When I first started, it was to share in the excitement and stress of transitioning to medical school, and getting through it all. Now that I am more than half-way through third year and am spending all of my time on clinical attachments, I feel like I don't really have anything else to say publicly about what is happening. All my thoughts are on what I see through the day in the hospitals, as opposed to what I was thinking about while studying purely from books.
I still love studying medicine, even though it is currently very time-consuming (more contact hours than I had in my previous full-time job), and everything is going well. It is so nice to be back in the hospitals full-time. I really missed it.
Anything that I have to post is either too generic or too personal to go up on a public blog. I don't like writing publicly about people that I work with - I don't have anything negative to write, but it feels wrong, somehow, to be doing so. 
This is just a quick post to give you a heads-up on the potential changes, so that you know what happens if I disappear or stop posting here completely. All is well, just a little different. :)