Friday, August 26, 2011

Life, recent

And now for something a little different, as pictures seem to say more about my life right now than words:

Some things make me too sad for words. But then, I don't have to speak. I can support the foundation that his parents have set up in his memory, trying to make sure that what happened to their son does not happen to other children.

Right now I still feel the sense of sadness and loss whenever I see his parents on the news or at a press conference. What I also feel is a rumbling sense of rage, that somebody stole this life, this future from him and his family, and that this criminal has presumably been kept hidden and protected by other criminals, leaving his family, friends and community in painful limbo for years.

The Australian media and social media have been told to be very careful about what is said in relation to the case, because a man has finally been charged after so long, and they do not want to risk any form of mistrial.

As his mother said, I hope that they can see Daniel buried with dignity soon.

On a lighter note:

At least somebody is enjoying the chives in my garden.

It is great noticing this creature AFTER I have just watered the plant. Really. At least he or she had the good sense to sit very still.

I hate it when they jump. It is so very random. One landed on my face once. Now they scare me. Out of all of the things in Australia, I probably hate locusts the most.