Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clem7 Run

I ran my first 10k event today - well, I ran the second half because I spent the first half walking with Mr TGWTBS, but it is still a milestone for me. :)

It was extremely humid and we were running through a big tunnel underneath the main river in town, so the air wasn't great, but I am still proud of running the second half.

This is a new traffic tunnel beneath the river, and they opened it today for a fun run (10.4km, roughly) and an open day afterwards.

It seems a little backwards, doesn't it? Normally I would think that novice runners would run until they run out of steam and then walk most of the course. However, I spent the first half being social, as this was a special event that I pushed Mr TGWTBS to go in because I wanted us both to be able to say that we had walked the length of the new tunnel. When we got to the half-way mark, I felt really sweaty and warm, but I knew I had a lot more in me, so I kissed Mr TGWTBS goodbye and ran the rest of the way.

The conditions were quite punishing, so I have learned a few valuable lessons for the first time I enter my 'proper' first 10km, like bringing a little bum-bag with a bit of water in it and hydrating properly before the event. I didn't collapse like a LOT of other people (particularly in the last 2km, which were all uphill) but I was very dry and overheated by the finish.

Still, I am very happy to have taken part. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been reading the blog Lockup Doc recently, and came across this post with some wonderful links.

If you need some inspiration in your life, I can highly recommend it. I may have shed a few tears watching the videos. Good tears.

Friday, February 5, 2010


In contrast to yesterday, I had a great day today.

It reinforced my intention to pursue psychiatry. We had some challenging patient encounters, and I handled it really well, de-escalated and made sure that we all ended up communicating well and felt heard and understood.

It is lovely when it feels like things are coming together, even if it is only a tiny bit.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not in the zone

I'm not altogether into the medicine right now. Mr TGWTBS is going away for work on Sunday for weeks and weeks and I'm sad.

When I'm working in my own job and have responsibilities to take care of it is easy to get wrapped up in the work and not think about it.

It is much harder as a student. You have big gaps in the day, there is not a lot to follow up and it is harder to get involved in the running of the ward when you are in tutorials, clinics and lectures sporadically through the day.

As a result, the sadness is with me more, and I find it harder to be in the zone. It goes away when I talk to patients, do examinations, take histories and all of the little things that you get to do sometimes as a student, but a lot of our time isn't spent doing this.

I don't know if I'll be better once he is gone - I may well be, and I will be in much less of a rush to get home. Right now I just want to be home before he goes away.

It isn't a major tragedy, it is just sad, and that is okay.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I am jumping in and doing FebFast this year.

Basically, it involves me not drinking any alcohol for the entire month of February in order to help raise money for organisations that help with our society's terrible drug and alcohol problem.

I am also participating for my own awareness, as I'm hoping to be more conscious with my drinking. I don't drink much at all, particularly as my husband doesn't drink a drop, but when you are having fun with friends it is easy to finish one glass too many, and this is something with which I'm not comfortable.

It will also be very interesting to attend big social events and be completely sober.

I am not too worried about pressuring people for fundraising, because my entrance fee plus the money donated by a few people I'm close to is an amount I'm comfortable with. I'll drop hints, but if nobody responds, that is perfectly fine by me. :)