Friday, March 9, 2007


I need to develop a little discipline. Be it food, television or other silly distractions, I have been not quite as on-track with study as I would like.

My aim this year is to pass comfortably and stay sane. I think that people with better time-management skills tend to have more time to enjoy themselves. Taking one hour to study something that a master-procrastinator would take three hours to learn leaves you with more time for the better things in life. (At least, this is what I am telling myself to help make it seem better.)

Speaking of the better things, I have finally gotten around to cooking from recipe books again. I haven't done that since uni started, and last night I remembered how much I really missed it. It was really good.

I am attempting to impose a zero-television policy for myself for the next month and see how I go. Exercise and study is in, and tv is out. I have a huge pile of books sitting on my bedside table that I want to get through. Wish me luck.

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