Saturday, March 3, 2007

Rant time

I'm mildly annoyed. One of the things I learned in previous studies is to keep on track with study by looking at past exams from time to time to see if I am covering the material in a way so that my study should be reflected in my ability to answer the exams.

There is nothing worse than spending an excessive amount of time studying for an exam that you don't do well in. I firmly believe that you should be rewarded for the hard work you do. I'm not a "gunner" - I'm happy to help everybody else who needs it, too. I hate seeing other people who have worked their arses off not do so well.

This morning I printed out the exam questions that we are supposed to be able to cover after having studied what we learned this week. Unfortunately there seems to be little of the finely-detailed science, and a lot of the social-impact type questions that were:
1) not given much time in lectures OR PBL; and/or
2) not even provided in lecture notes because they were supposed to be "sensitive material".

I would love to be able to write on an exam paper that I couldn't answer the question as the material was "sensitive". How the hell are we supposed to study something if they won't even give us the information? Bollocks to the fact that it is "sensitive", if we are supposed to learn it then give it to us!

If they can't even give us the information, then it is grossly unfair that we could be examined on it. It is a giant farce.

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