Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Put on a happy face . . .

Today we had our second practical assessment, making sure that we were reasonably competent and knew our way around the system of the body we are currently studying.

We had to go into a room one by one and be assessed by an examiner. I kept having flashbacks to when I was involved with assessing students in my area of work.

There were two trends that I didn't particularly like to see. The first one involved the student who was generally quite slack and had a bit of an attitude, who would somehow get lucky and score the easy patient for their examination, and would breeze through, getting good marks.

The second (and more vexing) trend was the student who clearly knew his stuff, had worked hard on prac, had done the same examination a million times before on more difficult patients, and had done it well, but when it came to being assessed by the university's official assessor, he did not do as well as he should have.

I guess the major lesson to learn from this is: confidence. If you don't have it, at least learn how to fake it. Particularly during assessment. Put on that happy face. If you are going to say a wrong answer, say it with confidence!

I have this odd muscle thing in my face where I tend to look worried when I am not. Or perhaps I'm so repressed I don't know when I am worried any more. Irrespective of any of this, I need to get good at acting confident again. It's either that, or invest in a round of Botox prior to examination week. A blank face may inspire more confidence than a worried one. ;)

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