Sunday, March 18, 2007


I just had to add a quick snapshot of how I feel right now, just to record it so I can laugh over it later.

I am feeling highly overwhelmed at the moment by all of the work we have to learn. I have been told that this is a completely normal way to feel at this point in time and I think that if I didn't feel this way I should be more worried.

Our first exam is in June this year, and I am quite nervous about it. I'm moderately sure that I will have done enough to pass, but it just seems too far away and insurmountable at this point in time. I might as well be looking up towards the top of Mount Everest. And yes, I know that it will feel this was at EVERY stage in my career from here on in. I like a challenge in front of me. It is part of why I am here.

Every week they throw new information at us and we somehow try to clamber over it and assimilate it into our brains before they start hurling new information the next week. Come to think of it, they don't actually throw the information at us all of the time. A LOT of the time they ask us questions about things that we are apparently supposed to know and we spend the time clambering around piles of textbooks in a blind panic trying to find whatever the hell it is we are supposed to know, in a form that will allow our brains to understand it.

Anyway, the part I wanted to record is the fact that I am completely and utterly in awe of anybody who has passed first-year medicine. Even the mid-years. Wow. You guys rock.

Yes, laugh it up. I will, next year. Which is why I wanted to write it down.

Next year I will read it, and think, "Hey, that is exactly the way I feel about the third-years!"

Don't even ask me how I feel about consultants. It is just too far away to see.

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