Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Textbook addiction

Do you, or does anybody you know suffer from textbook addiction? If so, I can't help you - I suffer too.

You know the feeling - you are feeling completely lost in a subject (if you don't know this feeling, then I am jealous), and you just need to find a decent text that explains the topic well, particularly because you are going to be covering the topic innumerable times over the coming years of study.

You go to the bookstore and they call to you from the shelves:

"Aren't I nice and shiny? Review my lovely colour pictures! Observe my informative flow-charts and clinical review boxes! With the knowledge contained in these pages you shall become an expert, or at least proficient enough to create a coherent exam answer! You just KNOW that you'll fail without me, right?"

I usually try to resist, but while studying medicine it is awfully difficult. There are so many areas that we cover, and so many wonderful textbooks. They look interesting. Most of them were written by actual medical doctors. They have pretty pictures.

The other day I had a quick review of the books that I have bought over the last 6 months. I counted them. Let me just say that I won't be buying any more for a little while yet.

Now if you'll excuse me - I have to go and read a lovely shiny textbook.


MSG said...

I have that as well, but I've managed to keep the cost down by buying used books online. When I'd buy one that was all new I'd always have buyer's remorse. Not so much anymore.

Adrian said...

The books can never be pre-loved, they must be virgin. I have bonded with some texts (Anatomy & Physiology, Marieb; The Immune System, Parham), but others I'm no longer on speaking terms with (Rhodes & Pflanzer, pointless text). The Immune System has a god-awful index (apparently the book contains no terms relevant to immunology) but it's images are oh-so-pretty. When you look at them, there's no need to think.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Hmm, I'm starting to get concerned about you, Girl. Have you got lost in that textbook?

The Girl said...

I'm afraid so. It is big and scary and I can't find my way out! ;)

XE said...

Ah yes, the Marieb Anatomy and Physiology text. That text is awesome, I use it almost every day.
I too have the textbook addiction, but luckily our uni's library is pretty extensive, so most of the time I just head over the the Health Sciences library and take out a bunch rather than buying them.