Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A thought or five

I really have to thank Funky Mango and MrHunnybun for tagging me with the Thinking Blogger Award that is doing the rounds. Thanks, guys, it is nice to know that people enjoy reading what gets written here. :)

Here is the picture:

I like the fact that people are passing on their appreciation, but I will also add that if I reference anybody here, they don't have to continue the chain. Here is the site that started it all.

Actually, I am going to include blogs that have most likely already been included somewhere else before in this. Some rules were made to be broken, and if I like reading these blogs a lot, other people probably do as well:

1. Shiny Happy Person and her posts at Trick-cycling for Beginners. An insider's view of what it is like to be passionate about psychiatry and about the difficulties working within the NHS, where apparently water features rate higher than working phones in the budget.

2. Fat Doctor's posts. I love reading about life that happens alongside being a doctor. As somebody who has vowed to make sure I make time for things that matter, I love reading her posts.

3. Terrible Palsy. I love reading about life from her perspective, and how she is fiercely supportive and protective of her son (and indeed, all of her children!) while working towards giving him as normal a life as she can. She also provides excellent insight into being a parent of a special needs child trying to get assistance from a government that is . . . less than supportive.

4. Shrink Rap is an excellent blog written by three psychiatrists in the USA. Their stories about their different fields of work give great insight into working life as a shrink.

5. Creating the God Complex. MedStudentGod writes some very funny posts that are often cynical yet highly passionate about his role in health-care. Any young, budding med-student wannabe with stars in their eyes should have a good read and learn a few things about medicine and life.

Well, that's my little list. If you look to the right, I have listed the blogs that I read compulsively, so it should be clear that I enjoy them. I read others too, but just haven't quite gotten around to linking to linking to them yet.

Honestly, I never liked "awards" anyway. They always made me feel paranoid and left out. So if you are on the list to the right, you all make me think and you write great blogs. So there!