Sunday, April 1, 2007

An utterly unforgiving post

I have worked out what kind of neighbours the new people next door are - they are SQUABBLERS. With a good dash of the Squealer and the Whinger added in.

Ok, so we all have the odd argument from time to time. However, there is NO NEED to make it so loud and dramatic that the whole neighbourhood can hear you.

You are not in a movie or a sitcom. Nobody wants to listen. We just want you to shut up. If you get loud enough and start screaming, the police may be called, because we can't tell the difference between your squealing from annoyance and your squealing from being beating with a heavy wooden object. (And I would never want the latter. Not really.) Maybe then you will get an idea of how utterly non-glamorous screaming, squealing and whingeing at each other is.

I don't know where they are from, but when they start screeching I get flashbacks to Kath and Kim. Except this isn't funny, and you can't turn the mute function on.

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