Sunday, November 13, 2011


My concern preceding the last rotation was entirely unwarranted - I just loved it and had a great time. I have a feeling that the next rotation will be similar.

It is funny, if I enjoy the work then I don't mind putting in a few extra hours here and there. Naturally there is a limit, but I would rather be in a job I liked and stay for an hour or so extra each day than be in a job where I felt miserable and bored. Of course, all things are a trade-off, and working in an excessively stressful environment with huge mountains of overtime would destroy any benefits of working in a field I loved, and I would rather be bored and go home on time.

So like all things, it is all about balance.

Anyway, I can't believe that we are now in the last rotation of internship. It has gone so quickly, and yet so much has happened. The first half of the year was probably one of the most challenging of my life, and the second half was more about learning how to enjoy work again.

I really don't know how much more I have to add to this blog, seeing as how it started out being about life in medical school, and now that internship is over, it feels like I don't have much more to say about work. I don't know if I'm ready to bow out just yet, so I'll pop in and post every now and again, but it feels as if life has somehow moved on.

The important part is, I'm happy. :)


*C said...

I'm pleased to know you're finishing the year on this note, and that you feel you've come some distance.

I'll be sad if/when you finish up your blog. I've really appreciated your encouragement and insight - especially during the most stressful moments of last year - and it probably sounds silly, but I'd miss you. You are such a patient, measured presence on the world wide web!

Still, I can at least imagine what it feels to know enough is enough. Whatever the case, good luck with what's ahead. And thank-you again for all your great support online.


Sharp Incisions said...

I too have long enjoyed your blog. In fact, if I recall rightly, you're the author of 'The Study Bunny', which I have stuck up to my wall at the moment (and I should probably send a copy out to all my friends and family as a public service announcement!).

That said, I understand that once you start working, there's perhaps less to say, and certainly less you *can* say - but I just wanted to say that I'll miss you if you leave. I hope you'll at least keep your current posts up as an archive for others who follow in your footsteps. All the best!

The Girl said...

I'm not leaving, and I'll still be around and will post things when I think of them. I just wanted to put it out there that if I am posting, it isn't because things are going badly- they aren't.

And yes, I wrote the "study bunny" post. :D

But thanks for the lovely messages!

Terra said...

Congratulations on finishing internship!!!