Friday, December 15, 2006


Well done to our postal service! They delivered a Christmas card to our house yesterday 
and I don't quite know how they managed it to get it quite so wrong. According to the neatly-written address and name on the front, they delivered it to the wrong:
  1. Name,
  2. Street name, and
  3. Suburb.
The only things that were correct were the street number and the first letter of the street. Well done, post office!
Now the only thing to work out is if I put it back in the letter box and hope it doesn't return to us again. Nothing would surprise me.

Also, well done to our grocery delivery service. (Yes, when I am on-call I am a Bad Wife (or a very good one) and get groceries delivered. Some obscure law of physics dictates that if I am standing in a queue anywhere, I would be urgently needed at the Hospital. Besides, grocery shopping at 8pm after a 12 hour work day is not my idea of fun.)

I needed some kind of cooked/roasted peanuts for the dinner I was making tonight. I clicked on "scorched peanuts" thinking it was some kind of dry-roasted peanut product. When I opened the delivery box, I found Milk Choc Peanuts. They were quite clearly labelled Milk Choc Peanuts, and the words "scorched peanuts" were nowhere on the packet. Yes, I seem to remember my grandmother talking about scorched almonds once upon a time, so I suspect the fault is mainly mine. But they should have actually labelled them by the name on the packet!

My other half is happy, as he now gets extra chocolate this week, and the walnuts we ate as a substitute tasted good and were probably healthier anyway. But that's beside the point! If you're selling something on-line and don't have a photo of the product, you need to be specific in your labelling, especially for silly young people who don't know that Milk Choc Peanuts (EWW!) were once-upon-a-time labelled as "scorched peanuts".

There, I'm done.


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