Friday, December 8, 2006

Those frickin' holes . . .

OMG, like, the bottom of the skull has so many frickin' holes. If you believe in a Creator God/Sky God/whatever, then he is a sadist who hates anatomists. It's like somebody staged a competition to see who could stick the most little holes and things in the bottom of a skull, make them all necessary, make it all functional, and that being's submission became the design for the human head. And they got a certificate and permission to design the virus of their choice. As a prize. Clearly.

Or perhaps the opposite is true - somebeing submitted a design that required the LEAST amount of holes possible for a functional head and brain-based organism, and THAT design became the main one for the human person. If that were the case, then THANK GOD things weren't more complex than they had to be. And perhaps THEY got to design the ULTIMATE KILLER T-CELL, and thanks to them, we are alive.

Or not. I'm always half-way between believing that there has to be some kind of design behind all of this, or thinking that the cosmic force behind the universe knows that what is best is what will be worked out or developed, or seeing the suffering that happens in life due to flaws in development and design, and believing that either it is quite ramdom and we are meant to use nature to what is best, or that Creator is a sadistic bastard who doesn't care (i.e. the Blind Watchmaker theory).

Or perhaps the above ramble is thanks to vodka. In that case, then on of the Best Things That Happened Today is that I did my first drunken post! Woohoo!!!!!

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