Thursday, December 21, 2006

How to give a cat a pill . . .

Ever read that e-mail forward "How to give a cat a pill?" Welcome to my life at the moment. One of our cats has been bitten by another neighbourhood cat and has an open bite-wound on his back. I have to give him antibiotics twice a day for six days. Does anybody know where I can get a pair of those gloves that Falcon-handlers use?

Our largest male cat will just sit still and let you get the pill-popping over and done with. He had a UTI and subsequent urethral obstruction (poor boy!!!) and after I got him home from the vets I had to give him 12 pills in one day, and then six pills a day for a week or so after that. He took it all in his (massive) stride.

After having dealt with human patients for so long, I was shocked to learn that they have to put the cat under a general anaesthetic and stitch the catheter into place! No wonder he didn't mind me giving him pills - it probably seemed mild in comparison.

This time it is the diva-cat who has the infected wound, and this morning it took two of us to give him the bloody pill. We even have one of those devices for administering the pills ("Pill-Pop-R"). He weighs a whole 6 kilos and it takes two grown adults to give him a pill.

I'm so glad we have needles for human patients.

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Kimmy said...

Ahh the trick to this least it seemed to help us avoid being decapitated by a furious female feline once-upon-a-time was to find the biggest towel in the house and wrap the cat concerned in it...then try getting the tablet down it's throat...Still difficult, but a bit safer for your eyes :)