Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The future

Lately a lot of people have been asking what I want to do after I graduate from medical school and apart from being familiar with the different areas of specialty and what they do, I have felt a little silly. You see, I know WHAT the doctors do, but I don't quite know how it is that they get there.

The training system in my country is quite complicated, and we don't just go straight into specialties immediately after medical school as is the usual style in the USA. There are multiple colleges that regulate and prescribe the training of those who wish to become accredited specialists in their areas and almost all of their training regimes are different to each other.

I knew it was complex, so I didn't look into it until now. I have been so focused on getting in and looking at the smaller details of the entrance and study process that the details of specialising afterwards were avoided. Having spent an evening or two examining the intricacies of becoming (for example) a cardiologist or a nuclear mecidine specialist, I am flabbergasted! It is RATHER complex.

Another thing that scared me slightly was that there seem to be very few specialty training places for all of the graduates that will be released onto the market here in a few years. I realise that the problems with this are still a good 6 or 7 tears away, but as they involve me directly I sincerely hope they sort them out very soon.

Many of the consultants who I ask about this say that things will open up a LOT over the next few years and I shouldn't be concerned. Here's hoping. As somebody who tends to pay attention to negative news and opinions I'll be only worrying about things that I can affect directly. (Worry without action is a waste of energy.)

In other news, my friend called me today to say that she is having a girl. I'm so excited for her (and relieved that she told me this six days before Christmas so I can go buy an appropriately-coloured present!)

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