Thursday, December 28, 2006

Is it April already?

Seriously. I could not believe it when I read this on the on-line news.

I always feel comforted knowing that somewhere in the world people are solving environmental problems by such innovative methods:

Cloud seeding is a weather modification process that aims to boost rainfall by impregnating clouds with chemicals, making it rain.

Fan-freaking-tastic. Just when you weren't worried enough about what was in the rain that makes do odd things to your car paint in the long-run. I'll bet sales of reinforced umbrellas go up.

Here is another gem of a quote from Natural Resources and Water Minister Craig Wallace:

"We believe that we can trap the clouds coming in from over the Darling Downs and western Queensland - trap those coming in and get the planes up in there to seed the clouds to see if we can increase the rainfall," Mr Wallace said.

How on earth do you trap clouds? Is he for real? Does anybody else have a mental image of a massive, well-trained flock of birds carrying large fans which blow the clouds into floating cloud-cages, where they are held for the duration of their natural life and pelted with little chemical pellets until they bleed to death?

I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in Queensland there is an office where CSIRO scientists are trying to crack the secrets of the Weather Machine.

And the good news - uni starts in January. And I am almost unemployed!

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